Product description: Spilinga 'Nduja is the symbol of Calabria and its culinary tradition. This spreadable cured meat is characterized by its spiciness and aroma. We select the best 'Nduja from Spilinga and its flavor will win you over. Your palate will love the contrast between the soft, full and enveloping taste of the meat and the crunchy, spicy and fresh taste of the ground chilli pepper.

Consumption method:
Tradition has it that the 'Nduja is first heated, using the appropriate 'Nduja heater, and then tasted on a slice of toasted bread. In reality, thanks to its rich flavour, 'Nduja can be used in many preparations! Here are some ideas: – Red pizza with black olives and Nduja – Arancini alla 'Nduja – Pasta with 'Nduja and Gorgonzola – Pasta with Potatoes, Nduja and Caciocavallo – Fregola with clams and 'Nduja – Potato gnocchi stuffed with 'Nduja and caciocavallo – Savory 'Nduja muffins



Gluten FreeLactoseSpicy

Ingredients: Seasoned Nduja 80% (pork fat; pork; chilli pepper; salt); Sunflower oil; Extra virgin olive oil.

Energy 640 Kcal

Fat 60 g; of which saturated 25.3 g

Carbohydrates 19 g; of which sugars 4 g

Fibers 1.2 g

Protein 6 g

Salt 1.75 g

Store at room temperature when still closed. Once opened, store in the fridge.