Top Italy is an organization that believes in the values ​​and quality of Made in Italy.

Top Italy's mission is to spread Italian culinary excellence throughout the world. We carefully choose high quality products that represent the traditions and authentic flavors of the different Italian regions.

Top Italy, is a tasty journey through Italy.


We carefully choose the companies we collaborate with, looking for partners who share our same vision.

Every product we offer is the result of a journey that begins in the lands of Italy and develops through the mastery of local companies. These companies, often family-run, preserve ancient recipes and artisanal methods, guaranteeing the quality, freshness and authenticity that only true "Made in Italy" can offer.

With Top Italy , you can be sure to savor the best that Italy has to offer, every time you choose one of our products.


The products we select tell stories of passionate farmers who cultivate the land with dedication. This peasant culture translates into fresh and genuine products, which bring with them the essence of the Italian countryside.

With Top Italy , we invite you to discover the profound connection between land and food, immersing yourself in Italian peasant culture and savoring the authentic flavor of rural Italy.


Italian excellence is also known throughout the world for its design.
This is why the design and packaging of each product is as important as its content.

The products selected by Top Italy are thus able to satisfy the most demanding palates and adorn the most exclusive tables without ever forgetting their simple and genuine origin which respects and satisfies the Mediterranean diet famous throughout the world.

Top Italy is excellence.


Our mission goes beyond simply selling products. In Top Italy, we are committed to bringing value and culture through the valorization of Italian territories.

Each product we choose represents a region , a tradition and a unique culinary art.

Every purchase on Top Italy helps support the local communities , farmers, artisans and traditions that make Italy so extraordinary.