This condiment based on white grapes and white wine vinegar was born from a visceral passion for French moutarde. Mustard grains float in a sublime condiment that reflects the colors of van Gogh's sunflowers. The aroma is surprising and travels between Orléans and Dijon, Meaux and Bordeaux, beyond Alsace to magically find itself on our plates. And voilà.

Produced exclusively with acetified cooked grape must, the condiments have the advantage of accompanying delicate risottos, roasted meats, smoked salmon, vegetables, cheeses, chocolate and ice creams with great ease.

Region: Emilia-Romagna


Gluten FreeMustardSulphites

Ingredients : cooked white grape must, 2% mustard seeds.

Allergens: Mustard, contains sulphites.

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Ingredients: 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil.

Store at room temperature with the cap closed.